OUR WORK We work hand-in-hand with trusted local peacebuilders in conflict zones across central Africa to help their communities organize to prevent violent conflict, recover from its impacts, and build sustainable peace.

Crisis Mapping & Conflict Analysis imageCrisis Mapping & Conflict Analysis image

Crisis Mapping & Conflict Analysis

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Community-based Early Warning and Response imageCommunity-based Early Warning and Response image

Community-based Early Warning and Response

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Local Peace Committee Development imageLocal Peace Committee Development image

Local Peace Committee 幸运飞行艇历史记录查询-手机版app软件下载

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Escapee Support & Reunification imageEscapee Support & Reunification image

Escapee Support & Reunification

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Media-Based Community Sensitization imageMedia-Based Community Sensitization image

Media-Based Community Sensitization

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OUR VALUES Our community partners guide us and our values drive us.

Interconnection Our liberty is bound together. No person, community, or ecosystem exists in isolation, which means we need each other, and we need to learn from each other. It also means the safety and wellbeing of people are inextricably linked to the safety and wellbeing of our natural world.

Growth Mindset We are constantly evaluating, listening, correcting, and innovating. We do not fail when we change course. Growth is an indicator of health and aliveness. We fail when we are unwilling to change.

Integrity We hold ourselves to a high standard. We are committed to being fair, objective, and proactively transparent in our decisions and behaviors. We honor our commitments and doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Local Expertise The most effective solutions to violence and exploitation will be crafted by a diverse and collaborative community, with those most affected by injustice at the head of the table.

Active Hope To build the world we need, we must choose to see a better way beyond the current reality, believe that a better way is possible, and commit to creating it.

Systemic justice Everyone deserves the safety and opportunity to reach their full potential. In service to our mission, we call out and address structural violence and oppression within and outside of our organization.

Grit We do not see challenges and setbacks as barriers to success, but as invitations to think creatively and push forward with courage and resolution.

You have a role to play 168飞艇正规平台 官方开奖号码 飞行艇幸运官网查询开奖结果 Together, we can build a world where everyone has the safety they deserve. Join us.

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