How to Recover Deleted Videos From an Android Device

Android phones are great video recording and editing devices. They can capture some of your most memorable life moments– a child’s birthday party, wedding or anniversary, graduation, or office project. But the accidental loss of any clip can frustrate you. Luckily, recovering deleted Android videos is relatively easy. 

How to Recover Deleted Videos From an Android Device

This article will explain how to retrieve erased Android videos with or without a computer. 

How to Recover Deleted Android Phone Videos Without a PC

Like other smartphones, your Android phone saves files in internal storage or SD card. You can retrieve any of your videos from either of these storage locations. However, deleted video clips will naturally not appear anywhere in these storage options. Your only option to recover them is via any of the following techniques: 

Retrieve From the Recently Deleted Folder

When you delete your videos or photos from Android’s Gallery app, they move into the “Recently deleted” folder. Your clips will stay in this folder for up to 30 days. If you don’t recover them within this time limit, the device will automatically remove them permanently. So, act quickly and recover deleted videos from the “Recently Deleted” folder like this: 

  1. Open the “Gallery” app on your phone and select “Albums.”
  2. Move to the bottom and tap the “Recently deleted” option. 
  3. Identify the video clips you want to recover. Touch and hold on to one video. Then, tap to highlight the rest of the videos.
  4. Press the “Restore” button to get your videos back. 
  5. Go back to the “Gallery” app and check if the recovered videos are there. 

Use a Data Recovery App 

If the “Recently deleted” folder does not contain your videos, you can recover them with a data recovery app. This app offers the most appropriate way to retrieve permanently-deleted media files. Many Android data recovery apps exist, so choose one to recover videos and other types of Android content. 

The best third-party data recovery app for Android in this context is EaseUS MobiSaver. Download this app on your Android device to complete the following steps: 

  1. Install the downloaded EaseUs MobiSaver app and launch it.
  2. Touch “Photo & Video and tap the “START SCAN” icon.
  3. The “Scan” window showing Photos on the left side and Videos on the right side will appear. 
  4. Touch the “Settings” icon on the top right corner of your screen to choose your preferred video formats and file sizes. The app will only scan and display the video clips that match your preferences. 
  5. Once the scanner stops, choose the Android videos you wish to retrieve and tap the “Recover” icon on the top menu bar. 

Recover Deleted Android Videos From Google Drive

As you may guess, you can only recover videos from Google Drive if you’ve made a backup before the loss. You don’t require a computer to do this, as the steps are straightforward:

  1. Load your “Google Drive” app on your Android phone. Alternatively, launch the same email you used to back up your media files on Google Drive. 
  2. Explore “Google Drive” to see every video clip you’ve saved there. Highlight and choose the videos you wish to recover.
  3. Download them normally to your Android phone.

Recover Erased Android Videos With Google’s Photo App

If you had created a backup on Google’s Photo App before losing your videos, you can recover them without your PC or a data recovery app. Here are simple steps to get your video clips back:

  1. Load the Google Photo App on your smartphone.
  2. Select the “Trash” option and locate the videos you wish to restore.
  3. Touch the “Restore” button.


How can I recover erased videos without rooting?

The best solution is Google’s Photo app. Use this app according to the instructions detailed above.

How can I retrieve my videos on Android if I factory reset my phone?

Open the “Settings” menu and choose “Backup and Restore.” Tap the “Restore” button and see if your permanently deleted files are here.

Attempt to Retrieve Deleted Videos

You know how vital your Android videos are to you. If some of your videos are missing, you can recover them with or without a computer. How fast you can recover your videos will depend on whether you have backups in Google Drive, Google Photo App, or Gallery app. If you have any of these, retrieving erased files will be quick. If not, you should use a specific data recovery tool.

Have you accidentally deleted Android videos? Have you tried to recover them using any of the methods in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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