Mental health services are extremely limited and often unavailable for many people in the remote areas where Invisible Children works. We help build local communities’ capacity to address the “hidden scars” of severe trauma caused by cycles of violence and poverty. We accomplish this through community-based awareness campaigns, training volunteer community counselors, and providing one-on-one trauma counseling with trained psychologists.




Community-based Trauma Awareness

By the numbers

12,462 local community members trained in trauma awareness

2725 high-needs individuals provided with direct counseling support

75% of discharged direct counseling recipients show signs of improved mental health

We work to raise general awareness of mental health, symptoms of trauma, and positive coping methods through radio programs, door-to-door campaigns, and group training sessions. 

Training Community Counselors

We train local volunteers to provide basic mental health support that does not require specialist intervention and to refer those experiencing more severe symptoms of trauma to Invisible Children psychologists and other specialists. Volunteers are equipped with tools for providing Psychological First Aid, peer support, and basic stress management strategies. 

Providing One-on-One Trauma Counseling

Trained Invisible Children psychologists partner with local health centers, hospitals, and civil society to provide specialized care to people experiencing severe symptoms of trauma.


Invisible Children provides trauma awareness and Community Counselor training to communities and partners with local hospitals and health centers in eastern Central African Republic (CAR) and northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

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