How To Fix a Fire Tablet That Is Slow

Portable Amazon Fire Tablets let customers quickly perform several work or entertainment tasks while on the go. However, despite newer, faster processors in some operating systems, the device can occasionally run slowly for several reasons.

How To Fix a Fire Tablet That Is Slow

The good news is that they can be tweaked for much better performance. Read on to learn some crucial tricks and tips to help you speed up your Fire Tablet if you feel it’s performing too slowly.

Clear the Fire Tablet Cache Partition

This is an excellent place to start. The cache partition is the area where apps store any temporary data on Android. Wiping the partition manually may not be necessary on some modern devices, but it could make a big difference on Fire Tablets, especially devices that are used frequently to access the internet, etc. Clearing the cache doesn’t affect application data or files. To clear the cache on the 11th gen Fire HD 10:

  1. Hold down the “Power button” to turn the Fire Tablet off.
  2. Press the volume up and power buttons simultaneously.
  3. The Amazon boot logo will appear. When it does, continue pressing the power button but release the volume button.
  4. Continue pressing the power button until the recovery screen appears.
  5. Navigate to the “Recover Menu” on the recovery screen using the volume buttons.
  6. Choose “Wipe cache partition” and enter by pressing the power button.
    Note: Be careful not to select factory reset. The selection must be confirmed, so remember to double-check it.
  7. On the recovery screen, select “Yes” to finish the process. Lastly, press and hold the power button alone to switch the Fire Tablet on.

Clear the Network to Speed Things Up

If your Fire Tablet operates slowly when connected to the internet, there could be too many other devices connected to the same network. Sometimes, there could be many household devices using one network. This can cause the network to perform sluggishly under the demand and cause your Fire tablet to operate slowly. If you suspect this could be the issue, consider disconnecting some of the devices. It could be just the trick you need.

Uninstall Unused or Old Apps

Many mobile device users are guilty of keeping apps they no longer use installed on their devices. If you want your Fire Tablet to speed up operation, this could be a critical step. Dig through your app library and select the ones that you no longer use and which could be deleted. Pre-installed applications cannot be deleted. However, any downloaded games and apps you no longer use can be removed to speed things up.

  1. Navigate to the “Apps and Games” tab and choose “Library.”
  2. On the menu choose ” Manage All Applications.”

    3.In the library tab find the app you wish to uninstall.

    4.Click “Uninstall” This should successfully get rid of the app.

Install Files by Google

If the Fire Tablet has been in your possession for some time, there is a high likelihood that junk files have been accumulated on it. This may include download files and file folders that could have been deleted a long time ago. Files by Google is a great app that helps you clean up your gadget by getting rid of junk files.

Cleaning out unused files may not significantly impact the Fire Tablet’s performance, but Android devices can slow down significantly if the internal storage runs low on space. Files by Google is an excellent app that helps you locate junk data files that take up storage in the tablet.

If Files by Google is not installed on the tablet, get it from the Play Store.

Don’t Install Apps on the SD Card

When downloading music and movies you want to watch offline, you can easily run out of space. On older Fire Tablets, some apps can be moved to your microSD storage card. However, the SD card can be used as an internal memory extension for newer models.

It’s important to note that running apps from the SD card can make them operate slowly. This is because micro-SD cards are slow compared to the internal storage in modern tablets and phones. Even the fastest SD cards are slower than the slowest internal storage.

The speed of a micro-SD does not matter if it’s used only as a data storage option. The SD card should be adequate for saving movies to watch offline or storing a music collection. The issue occurs when you attempt to run an application from the SD card directly. This can reduce performance quite drastically.

Turn Alexa Off

Alexa is a great feature of Amazon Fire tablets. However, it can be a battery drain and negatively affect performance on Fire Tablets. Disabling Alexa could just be the trick you’ve been looking for to speed up your device.

  1. From the home screen, select the “Settings” app. You can also swipe down from the top and select the gear icon.
  2. Choose “Alexa” from the results.
  3. Switch it off. If you are a regular user of show mode, it cannot be activated if Alexa is disabled on Fire HD 8 or 10.

If the Fire Tablet is still slow and you face battery-draining issues, try to enable parental controls to keep Alexa from running.

Find a Third-Party Suite for Optimization Options

To optimize performance, you can try a third-party app such as Fire Toolbox. Anyone who has researched the Fire OS modding scene may be aware of Fire Toolbox. This is a good option for creating custom launchers and debloating, among others. This option can change your tablet performance significantly.

To set things up, you need a Windows PC. The developers have a comprehensive guide to assist you with the installation. Once Fire Toolbox has been set up on the PC, it can be used to boost performance.

Fire Toolbox has different options to do so, but the standard method is better than performing a complete wipe. This involves removing apps you may likely never use, like Amazon YouTube shortcut, Amazon Music, etc. Find “Manage Amazon apps” to do a manual wipe and remove the apps of your choosing.

The app can also be used to block Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. An important note here is that newer Fire OS versions have been able to block Fire Toolbox from stopping updates. There is a workaround, but things could get unstable and risky since the app is still being developed.

Don’t Get Restricted by a Slow Fire Tablet

These days, an Amazon Fire tablet can be useful for many purposes. They can do so much more than they used to, thanks to many new apps, and newer apps are being introduced all the time. But with so many apps available and installed, it can run into issues such as sluggish performance. The above tips can help remedy the issue.

Has your Fire Tablet ever operated too sluggishly? How did you remedy the issue? Let us know in the comments section below.

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