How to Delete For All in WhatsApp

Many have experienced the panicky feeling of sending a message and then wishing they could take it back. Maybe you sent it to the wrong person or decided after sending a message that it was a bad idea. Fortunately, WhatsApp offers a handy feature called “Delete for Everyone,” which solves the dilemma of a message gone wrong.

How to Delete For All in WhatsApp

While this can relieve the stress of a message-sending mishap, there are limitations to the feature and things to consider when deleting a message. This article will explain how to delete messages for all on WhatsApp, limitations, and common troubleshooting tips.

Delete for Everyone Using the Web Version

When you want to delete a message you sent, follow these steps in WhatsApp. You can remove a message, whether it was sent to a group or an individual. Unless you are a group admin, the right to delete a message only applies to those you sent.

  1. Select the appropriate chat to view the message string.
  2. Next to the message you want to delete, click the down arrow. Select “Delete message” from the drop-down menu.
  3. A message box will ask if you want to delete it for everyone or just for you. Click “Delete for everyone.”

On your chat, you will see “You Deleted this Message.” For everyone else, in place of the message will appear “This Message was Deleted.”

Delete for Everyone Using the Mobile App

The process to delete for all is similar when using a mobile app.

  1. Select the chat and then the message you are pursuing.
  2. Tap and hold the message to view its menu, and tap “Delete.”
  3. Select “Delete for Everyone.”

You can only delete your own messages from all recipients. The exception is for group administrators, who can remove any messages they feel are inappropriate. The message will be replaced with “This message was deleted by admin [admin name].”

Why Isn’t My Delete for Everyone Working?

If you’re having trouble with the “Delete for Everyone” option, never fear. A few things must be done for it to work correctly. Read on to see why it might not be working for you.

  • Both the recipient and the sender must have updated their WhatsApp. Otherwise, the “Delete for All” option might either not be visible or might not delete all copies of the message to all recipients.
  • The feature has a time limit. If you sent the message over two days before, the platform won’t be able to delete the message.
  • “Delete for Everyone” will not work on quoted texts. If the message you sent is quoted by someone else, there is no way for you to remove their message, even though your message is in its content. You can only delete the original message that you sent.
  • Deleting sent photos will not always remove them from the recipient’s device. Whether they are removable depends on everyone’s device and whether the sent photo was downloaded to their device already or is still on the WhatsApp server. You can select “Delete for Everyone” for sent pictures, but it is not a guarantee.
  • If you use “Delete for Me” on a message, “Delete for Everyone” will not be available later. So, if the message is gone, and you don’t have the option to remove it for all, this might be why.

Limitations to Delete For Everyone

While this app feature is very helpful, there are a few considerations when using it.

  • You only have two days to delete a message, an extension to the initial seven minutes when the feature was first introduced.
  • You can’t delete a message in secret. There will be a placeholder notifying everyone that the message was deleted.
  • You can tap and hold the “This Message was Deleted” notice and choose to delete it, but it will only disappear from your chat and not from anyone else’s.

See Deleted Messages in Notification History

First, you can check your notification history if you’re on an Android device. If you have the notification history turned on, it will keep a record of your incoming messages.

If you are on an iPhone, notification history is not cataloged, so you can’t use this to see deleted messages.

See Deleted Messages With WAMR

The only other way to view deleted messages is to use a third-party app. WAMR is a controversial app that claims to be able to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages. If it’s important enough to retrieve them, WAMR is an option.

Using WhatsDelete to See Deleted Messages

WhatsDelete is another app for reading deleted WhatsApp messages. When someone deletes a message, the app notifies you and saves it so you can still read it. The sender has no way of knowing that you have read their deleted messages.


Can deleted messages be recovered?

If you delete a message for yourself, an “undo” option is present for 5 seconds. After this time, the action is permanent. Messages deleted for all, whether by a user or a group admin, are not recoverable or can be appealed. Use the feature with caution.

Is there a workaround for the two-day rule?

Users report that if you’ve sent a message by mistake and two days have passed, there is a workaround. You can attempt to change the date and time of your phone, fooling WhatsApp into thinking the time limit isn’t up.

How can I see a deleted message?

For some people, the deleted message notification piques their curiosity, and they just can’t help but want to view whatever was deemed unworthy to be sent. You can look at your notification history if you have an Android device and saved history enabled or use a third-party app.

Using Delete From All in WhatsApp

The next time you accidentally send a message to your boss that was meant for your partner, remember the option to “Delete for Everyone.” If you use the app’s feature correctly, you can save yourself and your boss from embarrassment.

And if you’re determined not to miss a single thing, you can use an app to keep tabs on those deleted messages. Just remember your friends can install these apps too the next time you delete a message for everyone.

Have you had experience with the “Delete for Everyone” feature? Let us know in the comments.

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