How to Remove Last Seen in WhatsApp

For adept WhatsApp users, it’s easy to understand why you need to upgrade privacy and hide your last seen status. This privacy feature allows you to hide when you last used WhatsApp or your last active time. You may also limit the number of people allowed to view this information. Read on to learn more about removing the last seen status on WhatsApp.

How to Remove Last Seen in WhatsApp

Removing Last Seen on Various Devices

The default settings on WhatsApp allow your contacts to see your last seen status. Many other settings are set as the defaults and can be changed to match your preference. The steps to remove your last seen are different on Android and iOS.

On Android Devices

Those using WhatsApp on Android should follow the steps below to remove the last seen status.

  1. Open the WhatsApp app and select “Settings.” Do this by tapping the three dots at the top right side of your screen.
  2. Tap “Privacy” and select “Last seen.”
  3. Remove the last seen feature by setting it to “Nobody” or customize the list. This allows certain people to see your last seen status while restricting others.

Note: If you remove the last seen feature for everyone, you will not be able to see your contacts last seen status either.

On iPhone Devices

iPhone users should follow the steps below to deactivate last seen.         

  1. Access the WhatsApp app on your iPhone and select “Settings” at the bottom. This is the “Gear” icon.
  2. Select “Privacy.”
  3. Tap “Last seen.”
  4. Remove it by setting it to “Nobody.” Or you may opt to customize the list instead.

On Desktop

There are two options available to those using WhatsApp Web.

  1. Launch WhatsApp web and click the three dots menu at the top.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Click “Privacy.”
  4. Choose “Last seen.”
  5. Select “Nobody” to remove the last seen status for everyone.

Alternatively, you could use web (version) extensions to hide your status on WhatsApp. A Chrome extension like WAIncognito hides online status on the web. It’s not just for WhatsApp. The extension can also be used to turn off read receipts.

  1. Navigate to the WAIncognito extension on the browser.
  2. Add it to Chrome. This adds the incognito icon to WhatsApp web.
  3. Select the Incognito option next to WhatsApp status on WhatsApp web.
  4. Click on the Incognito option and select “Don’t send last seen and online updates.”

This should successfully remove the last seen status when using the web version of the platform.

The Last Seen Privacy Setting Options

The last seen feature lets you control how you interact with people on the social platform. You can change this feature in different ways.

  • Everyone: If your last seen is set to “Everyone,” everyone with your number on their device can see your last active time. Removing this for everyone means no one can see the last time you were active.
  • My contacts: You can allow your contacts only to see your last seen status. This means the only people who can see the last time you were active on WhatsApp are those you have saved in your contact list.
  • Nobody: This means no one can access the last seen information, including people you talk to frequently. Doing this limits you from seeing other people’s last seen status too.
  • Everyone except: In this case, you can remove your last seen status for everyone except those you select. Everyone you add to the list can see your last seen unless they have differing last seen status settings in their accounts.

Why You Can’t See the Last Seen Status for Specific Contacts

You may be interested to know whether a specific contact has been active on WhatsApp recently. After navigating to their account or chat, you realize you can’t see their last seen status. There could be various explanations for this.

  • They may have turned off their last seen for you or everyone. In such a case, you cannot tell when they were active on the app.
  • They may have made their last seen visible to their contacts only. If the person hasn’t saved you as a contact and they have this feature disabled, you won’t see their last seen.
  • They’ve blocked you. There are also chances that you could have been blocked by a contact making it impossible to see their last seen.
  • You may have never chatted with the person before.

Reasons Why People Remove Their Last Seen

Different reasons drive one to remove their last seen status. This includes instances when you don’t want to get late-night notifications or get disturbed as you work. It may also be necessary in relationships to avoid confrontations in case of late replies.

Others may remove the last seen feature to avoid being viewed by a client, especially when you are late in delivering work. Turning off this feature allows you to concentrate better and reply to messages when it’s most convenient. Additionally, many people are offended when they see you’ve been or are online but haven’t opened or responded to a message they sent.

Turning off the feature reduces the obligation to respond at odd hours or when working on a response.

Other Privacy Settings on WhatsApp

Apart from removing the last seen, you can customize many more privacy settings on WhatsApp. These settings allow you to control how you interact and share information with others. Other things you can customize include:

  • Who can see your online status
  • Your profile photo visibility
  • Your “About” information
  • Who can view your status updates
  • Whether to send out read receipts
  • How people add or invite you to groups
  • The calls to silence


Can someone tell if I check their last seen from time to time?

No. Your contacts are not notified when you view their last seen status.

Is last seen accurate?

The last seen status on WhatsApp is often accurate unless you are experiencing an external or connection issue.

Does last seen indicate when the user looked at their phone or opened WhatsApp?

Last seen on WhatsApp indicates the last time a user opened the app on their phone or PC.

Can you tell whether your contact has turned off their last seen status on WhatsApp?

Sometimes you may be unable to see a contact’s last seen status. While this could mean the user removed their last seen, they could also have blocked or removed you from their contact list.

Can you remove the last seen for a single person?

Yes, you can restrict a single person from viewing your last seen status.

1. Open “Settings” on WhatsApp and select “Account.”

2. Under privacy, select “Last seen.”

3. Choose the “My contacts except” option.

4. Select the contact you want to restrict.

Control Your Privacy on WhatsApp by Removing Your Last Seen

The WhatsApp remove last seen feature allows you to choose who can and can’t see when you last used the app. The feature is on by default. There are different reasons why you may choose to use this feature. However, turning it on and off offers you more flexibility and elevates the user experience

Have you ever tried to remove the last seen status on WhatsApp? Did you use any of the steps above? Let us know in the comments section below.

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